Those are the main issues we have been asked to consider. Beginning from that our first thought was to create a great civic space, unique culture and a structure with an opportunity for interaction with nature, that would connect all the aeras into one conherent centre. What came into our minds was an organic form, which reminiscents it. Shows us a simple system such as leaves agregating water into their stems. We intended to bring in modernity, not only by technology but also by architecutre. Trying to reflect the environmental and cultural contexts of Latrobe Valley.


We have designed strategies for new sustainable and alternative economies for the region. Our solution is to stand out gradually from a carbon industry and become the biggest and the most innovative eco structure in the world. A cities that produce food and energy, cleans its own water, recycles waste and holds a great biodiversity. In the next 40 years Latrobe Valley should become a complex landscape, where the latest technology meets the magnificent scenery of perfectly preserved natural landscape with crystal clear water and protected plants and species in the National Park. Our proposal benefits and connects the community. Integrate the cities nearby giving multiplied opportunities. Due to that, habitants have extensive cultural and recreational choices. Such as golf fields right behind the city, bike trails, camping inside the forests, watering places, canoe havens, sports complex and many more. All of those entertainment choices are linked with green areas all around the cities and structure. Being aware that big part of community is being employed in Coal Mines and Power Stations, we have thought through future solutions. Everyone will have diversified choices. Starting from agriculture, breeding, continuing in tourism, recreation, culture and serives, but also in Industry.

Hybrid Train

All the cities are connected with a Hybryd Train, which is energised by water pressure gathered in a tank.Such water tank is located on a widely higher level than the level of the Hybryd Train.Each train has its own energy pipe. The mover is adjustable by cotouts. When they are opened the train moves and under the water pressure reaches velocity. This solution doesn't cause any pollution damages, also it is a low-cost and healthy way of transport. It is a perfect way to integrate community, villages, towns and cities around. In the future it is very likely to extend "Hybrid Train" to the other hubs located nearby.

Windy City

We have created 2 cities and revamped an existing one- Morwell. Each city is unique and individual, also has its own sourse of energy, providing working areas for habitants. The first city is a Wind City, which acquires power from wind turbines located inside the city and outside on a fields around. The most interesting thing is our structure. All the elements have a meaningful purpose. Rainwater is being gathered and distributed through the structure and roofs, which is passed on for the use of habitants. Transparent "roofs" isolate the cities from presumptive noise from wind turbines fields. Wind City is divided by 2 zones - cultural and residential. Quarters have organic shape, alike built-up areas inside. The organic ecology urban structure is formulated to respond, to engage with and express the contemporary understanding of community as a series of multiple and distributed networks. The structure is an open, developable and sustainable urban model; modify the urbanity from a regular conventional grid city to an organic pluralistic cell city. Each centrioles are addressed by community or socio-related programs; while the "Wall of the cells" are contained the supportive programs for the cell community. The cells are interrelationship with each others, in sociocultural aspect, urban circulation and living quality. The cells fabric, the organic ecology urban structure suggest an interactive expandable urban model.


We didn't want to demolish Morwells stem, therefore we have decided to plan a future that would include and connect with two other cities. Being their main center and primal structure. To acheive that, Morwell became a SOLAR CITY. In the centre we've established multiplied storey buildings with different functions and types. Each has a solar panels providing energy and warm water. Lower buildings include work areas and apartments. Higher provide entertainment and culture. Another ominant mark of the Solar CIty is a Hybryd Train which goes through the entire framework connecting all the hubs. Some part of the structure has a storing functions for agriculture and industry.

Water City

Never the last is the Water City. As the other cities, u-shaped structure is attuned to gather and store rainwater. City adjoins with two water reservoirs, which are necessary to generate hydropower. To create that energy we used pumped storage. In a pumped storage plant, water is pumped from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir during off-peak times, using electricty generated from wind turbines. When the power is needed, it is released back into the lower reservoir through turbines. Storage systems can be up to 80 perecent efficient. Future increases in pumped storage capacity could result from the integration of hydropower and wind power technologies. Hydropower may be able to act as a battery for wind power by storing water during high wind periods. Hydropower is a clean, renewable and reliable energy source which converts kinetic energy from falling water into electricity, without consuming more water than is produced by nature.


The cities are designed to be highly sustainable. Our eco-cites are a places to live, exchange and sharing, through spaces both rational, hierarchical and dynamic like a real urban planning. The communication between users is natural, easy and friendly. Green and open spaces are emphasized in the project. Organic shape of the structre facilitates comfort living for citizens in the quarters, creates integrated, community and sustainable city.

Group project of: Klaudia Burzyńska, Aleksandra Bartoszuk, Emilia Cap and Daria Dybciak.

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