The Thesis topic I've chosen is the Gallery of Fashion and Textilles in Antoniukowski Park in Białystok. The edifice is surrounded by greenery, located close to the Biała River. The main functions of the designed building are exhibition, workshops and education. The bridge located there has been included into the designed area.

The location selected is particularly attractive for visitors because of its natural scenic, such as a river or a hill slope. It is located afar off from the city center noise, allowing the sightseers to focus on art and feel the respect for the site. Placing the building in the Park, next to the river created an area where are cultivated the principles of identity of the surrounding environment and a strong sense of preservation.

Bialystok, mainly people living there, are still at the stage of seatching for their own cultural identity. Factor, that would unite the city, and made them feel as a group membership. To make it happen, we need common past. Creating the Gallery of Fashion and Textilles allows to show one of the most imporant periods in the history and development of the city. The leading industries of "Manchester of the North" were Textilles. Unfortunately, after this period there isn't much left. Moreover, there aren't many Galleries of Fashion and Textilles in Bialystok, nor Poland. Creating this place will help to promote the city and attract tourists. Inhabitants will be interested in a place which offers not only an art and wide-ranging eduaction, but also enterntainment - worhshops, shows and various events. This place will allow youth to realize their ideas and perform activities. As you can see on the maps attached, there are too many Contemporary Art Galleries in Bialystok City. We do not need another "temple of modern art". Designing the Gallery of Fashion and Textilles will expand opportunities in the City. Furthermore, the bridge located on a River was included to the project. Brigde is being integrated with the Gallery, giving the ability to admire art from the outside. The interior space is designed to establish a visual relation with the outer space. It has been achieved through the large glass surfaces. In order to emphazise its purpose, the facade is decorated with elements which reminiscent "threads" entangling the building. This affects the dynamism of the building. The bridge and the transition encourage people to visit and gaze at the exhibitions. There are also many different adaptations of the Gallery because of the mobile walls, such as two workshop rooms, or a huge exhibition space giving us over 100 square meters.

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